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Work Hard, Rest Harder.

Get your body in prime condition with these must-have recovery tools and tips.

There is so much emphasis on pushing your body harder and harder to achieve your desired results, but the real growth happens when we balance that hard work with a quality recovery routine. Think about if you were to see the check engine light go on in your car, would you ignore it or would you get the routine maintenance done? Just like a car, your body can only handle so much wear and tear without breaking down. Recovery such as rest, hydration, stretching and proper nutrition is the key to keeping our bodies in working condition, prevent injury, and to help us bounce back faster when we do get hurt.

Here is a quick peek at some of my favorite recovery tools:

Pso-rite: their collection of high quality durable myofascial release tools are perfect for those hard-to-reach muscles. I personally love the pso-back to release those paraspinals, and the mini pso-rite to get my neck and traps. I give their products a solid 5/5 when it comes to "bang for your buck." At first glance, it can be difficult to justify the price, but once you try it, it will easily become a regular part of your recovery routine.