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To Hustle, Or Not To Hustle

In a "no days off" culture, how do we find balance in our fitness grind?

I think a lot of us fall in to one of two categories: there's those who's ambition far outweighs their time and capacity, and then the crowd that has no ambition or obligation. Then there's the rest of us: the half-and-halfers that have drive but also love naps. No matter where you fall on the hustle scale, theres's one thing we all have in common: guilt

That awful nagging feeling of "I'm not doing enough." I think as a certified trainer a lot of people assume that I am one of those trainers that works out twice every day and eats only clean foods on a fasted schedule. I'd like to think I've found my balance, and it works well for me, and doesn't require me to give up on the things I love. I had to think a lot about the types of sacrifices I'd be willing to make for the goals I aspire to. I've been on both sides of this scale, and here's what I've learned:

There's space for both.