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Tips for the PERFECT progress photo

Sometimes the best feeling in your fitness journey is to actually see the results! We can do this easily by taking progress photos. Here's how to ensure you get an awesome "before" pic to go with your "after."

1) Stand with neutral posture. Stand exactly how you stand in real life. This will ensure a good base point when comparing photos. (Feel free to also do a good old fashioned flex photo too!)

2) Wear fitted clothing that shows your bony landmarks such as hip bones, collar bone, shoulders, etc. This will help define your postural alignment. I recommend wearing socks or go barefoot as well for consistency

3) Try to take the photo in the same spot at the same time of day. This may not always be possible but looks great if you can get the pictures to closely match

4) Wear the same clothes in both the before and after photos (or something similar) to show the difference in body composition.

5) Take a picture from the front, side (both) and back. Make sure you get the full body in the photo making sure not to crop anything out.

*This setup can also be used for a free postural assessment! Email your photos to for some feedback :)


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