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The Harsh Truth

Your new spin bike isn't going to motivate you to workout. Your meal replacement shakes aren't going to magically make you eat healthier. Your expensive workout gear isn't going to make you wake up earlier for your workout. Your gym membership won't magically make you lose 20lbs.


You are ultimately responsible for your progress. No amount of IG workouts or fancy gear or facilities is going to transform you. The transformation comes from your decision to change and your self discipline to stick to your plan.

I'll admit, more often than not I don't actually feel motivated, despite what people may assume about me. Do I enjoy moving my body? Yes. Do I also love laying under my weighted blanket and pressing snooze first thing in the morning? Also yes.

Motivation isn't enough to get to your goals. If you waited until you felt motivated to actually get your workout done, you'd never budge. Instead of relying on all these external things to get us going, what if we shifted the focus inward?

So, here's the harsh truth:

It's not your workout equipment, or your exercise plan, your supplements, or t