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The Harsh Truth

Your new spin bike isn't going to motivate you to workout. Your meal replacement shakes aren't going to magically make you eat healthier. Your expensive workout gear isn't going to make you wake up earlier for your workout. Your gym membership won't magically make you lose 20lbs.

You are ultimately responsible for your progress. No amount of IG workouts or fancy gear or facilities is going to transform you. The transformation comes from your decision to change and your self discipline to stick to your plan.

I'll admit, more often than not I don't actually feel motivated, despite what people may assume about me. Do I enjoy moving my body? Yes. Do I also love laying under my weighted blanket and pressing snooze first thing in the morning? Also yes.

Motivation isn't enough to get to your goals. If you waited until you felt motivated to actually get your workout done, you'd never budge. Instead of relying on all these external things to get us going, what if we shifted the focus inward?

So, here's the harsh truth:

It's not your workout equipment, or your exercise plan, your supplements, or the lack thereof...

It's you.

Remember, people have succeeded in their fitness goals with much less. There are people in the world with less time, less money, less access to equipment, less access to healthy food, and less excuses.

What are the excuses you've allowed to keep you from achieving? What are the beliefs you've been holding on to that have been in the drivers' seat when it comes to your health and fitness? I'm telling you right now, that no matter how long you've been holding on to those, its time to let them go.

Replace your excuses with solutions. Write down every road block and excuse you've possibly made in the past. Go back through your list and write a workaround. I'll even start it for you!



Lack of time to exercise

Choose short workouts, wake up 15 min earlier, cut back on scrolling time

Lack of money

Workout at home, commit to some free workout challenges, youtube, etc.

Too tired

Drink some preworkout, and move for 5 min. If I'm still too exhausted after trying for 5 min, I stop.

My kids always interrupt

Give them a project/distraction, hire a sitter, or let them join in!

No equipment

Use your surroundings! Bodyweight workout. Save up and buy secondhand. Ask for a guest pass for your local gym. Even use your kiddos!

Your excuses only mean something if you let them. Obstacles are an opportunity to get creative. Plus, what feels better than overcoming something that felt impossible?

Here's your next steps:

  1. Get your free nutrition guide with over 50 healthy recipes and tons of helpful tools by clicking here

  2. Write your list of excuses and turn them into solutions

  3. Commit to one small habit change this week to help you get on track!

*Bonus step: book your free consultation with me where we can talk goals, answer questions, and more!




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