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Resistance to the Unknown

Our brains aren't designed for consistency. Back in the "caveman" era our brains were wired for survival. We reacted off our environment in order to stay alive. Threat? RUN. Hungry? Hunt down your prey. We've evolved from these "fight or flight" responses, yet our lives in today's world don't necessarily present these same types of threats.

We have so much fear about change. I think a huge part of the reason we stay in situations we're not happy in is because we're just used to it. Even if you're unhappy, your brain feels safe. Safe is not where you find results. Safe can become complacency if you make no effort to change.

We have to fight our mammalian instinct to run or resist. Our brains tell us to do things that keep us safe from our perceived threats. You know that fear you feel when you're about to do something big or impactful, like start working with a personal trainer, or make the decision to change your eating habits? That's your mammalian brain responding to big change!

In order to really understand how to work against some of these instincts, we have to remind ourselves constantly that we are safe, and that fear or resistance is a natural response!

I'm NOT saying ignore your gut. In fact, its quite the opposite: Go with your gut! You know in your heart that you desire change, yet the fear of not knowing the outcome, or of the pain you may experience in the process is holding you back!

What sorts of fears do you hold around your health, fitness, and eating habits? How have those fears impacted the outcome of your efforts?

What if I told you that change is possible, but you'll have to fight against your own brain to get there?

Fear is a lot of things, but I'll tell you what its NOT: Fear isn't wrong. It is a signal- a sign that we are about to do something BIG. For me, fear means I'm on the right path.

We've all heard "life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Where are your comfort zones? Are you choosing to stay put, or are you risking it all to make a change?

What if next time we felt afraid, we simply leaned in. We acknowledged our fear, but instead of "flight" we pressed forward?

This is where we usually stop. We fail because we allow fear to take hold and be in control. Let me share a story with you:

When I was pregnant with my son, I decided to become a certified trainer. I wanted to back up my knowledge and experience with something that made me feel more credible. So that night, in the hospital laboring with my son about to give birth, I registered for my personal training exams.

I had no idea how (or why) I decided that the best time to pursue this dream was right after having a newborn, but reality sunk in: I only had 6 months to complete my exams.

So, I buckled down, colicky newborn in my arms and my toddler at my side, and sleeplessly studied for months. And guess what?....

I passed.

If I hadn't pushed through my fear, my endless "what if's" in my mind, I probably wouldn't have ever even started my business! Was it a convenient choice? NO. Was it worth it? 1000% yes.

I believe it was Thomas Edison who said "I have not failed. I've just found ten thousand ways that won't work." So, next time you're afraid because you might not get it right the first time, remember that you're simply taking one step closer to your success in the process.


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