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I'm about to BLOW your mind...

I saw a meme about the rising gas prices and it got me thinking: We are so quick to complain about investing in the things we need but not the things we want.

Do you complain when you drop $120 on a new pair of nikes? Or $100 on a full set of lash extensions? Or $80 on a full set of acrylics?

NO! We don't! We don't complain because we choose to spend that money.

Then suddenly we start looking at our health goals and think "I need to lose weight." So what do we do?...

Instead of investing in things to help us reach our goals, we putter around on IG and pinterest looking for workout challenges and meal plans. Anything to save a buck, right?

We scrimp and save and cut corners when it comes to our health, but not on the things we don't truly need.

So here's a question for you:

How much money do you say you spend on food each month?

I'm about to blow your mind....

  • "Consumers spend nearly $2,000 on delivery services per year, on average. (2021)" according to Lending Tree. And that's just delivery.

  • "The average American household spends about $3,000 a year dining out, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021 (remember that one person spending only on him/herself counts as a household, too.)"

If you had an extra $2000-$5000 to spend, what possibilities would open up for you?

Not to mention, this is only the cost of eating out. Imagine if you cut back on manicures for a year, or decided to trade those lashes for longevity?

Imagine if we took the money we spent on eating out, and instead invested in ourselves? Imagine what that would look like.

We could afford the things we so often complain we "can't" afford to do like:

  1. Invest in a gym membership

  2. Personal training

  3. Paying a sitter so you can decompress alone for your mental health.

  4. Setting up a home gym

  5. Swap your delivery meals for healthy meal kits

I'm not suggesting you never go to a restaurant ever again, but the next time you are about to click "confirm order" on your Doordash app, maybe you'll choose to put that money away so you can put it to better use.

Save money and calories? YES PLEASE.


BONUS: Here's a fun experiment to try: for every time you don't spend that money on eating out, set it aside in a separate savings pile to put away to invest in your future!

Here's an example:

You're trying to cut back on spending on wine each time you go to the store, so instead of buying that bottle, you take out $10 cash back and put it away. Once you reach your savings goal, you can spend it on the new workout program you've been dying to try!



Speaking of reaching your goals....

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