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How To Set A Vision For 2023 (And Make Sure You Bring It To Life)

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

To reach a goal, you need to write it down, mark your progress, and celebrate the little victories along the way.

Keeping that in mind, these simple prompts will help you get on track and stay on track in the new year.

Follow these steps, writing either in your journal or on blank sheets you keep somewhere special – like in a binder on your desk. You’ll be adding, deleting, scratching out, etc... so don’t worry

about everything “looking nice.” Just be neat and orderly enough so you can make your plan, access it, update it, and keep moving on!

Start by answering these questions. Add more as they come to you, but not too many.

Keep it simple.

1. What are your long-term goals for your health this year? Be specific. What are a

few short-term goals for each – and when do you hope to reach them? Leave a

little blank space to make a colorful checkmark next to each date.

2. How do you want to feel throughout the year and at the end of it?

Are there important dates coming up that play into this? Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Anticipate how you can celebrate a “little victory” every once in a while. For

example, if you’re trying to lose a certain amount of weight, then how will you to

treat yourself each time you reach a certain mark? A manicure? A massage? Tea

with a friend? It’s up to you, but plan it – and then do it!

3. What Is Your Vision For Your Best Self In 2022? What challenges can you expect, and how can you plan to conquer them?

These can be psychological, physical or just logistical. For example – if you have

a vacation coming up, plan now for how you can stay on track with your health

and fitness goals.

4. Will you need any new clothing, equipment or other item that comes at a cost?

Will it affect your budgeting? If so, it’s best to know it now so everything is

smooth sailing later.

5. What new daily habits do you need, and how can you incorporate them? Start

small and stack a new habit onto an existing one. For example, if you want to

start a meditation practice, don’t just say, “I will meditate for one hour every

day.” Instead, start with one minute each morning after you’ve brushed your

teeth. Then build on that steadily.

Write down something you planned to do and how you did it in 2022. Note any

lessons you can draw on now – inspirations, sources of support, even tactical

tips you can apply again, like wearing a fitness tracker or not buying That "One

Big, Bad Junk Food" item at the grocery store.

Plan ahead

It’s so easy to focus on the ambitious aspects of a vision that we sometimes forget

the nurturing aspects.

So, write them down: At least three things you can do weekly to practice self-care,

and one more each month that’s a bit less frequent.

Write down positive affirmations in your journal or binder now and as they come to

you throughout the year – the kinds of saying you might use to console a friend who’s

feeling down on herself. That will help keep your negative “inner voice” at bay.

Subscribe to a daily positive affirmations app or a mindful meditation app to remind

you to pause and be kind to yourself.

How can you love yourself this year?

This won’t fit in your journal or binder. And it can be fun to apply some “hands on” creativity to the task. Get a pile of magazines and photos, a glue stick, markers and a poster board.

Think about what you put into Step 1 above: What your ideal year will look like. What it will taste like, smell like, and so forth. Get as granular as you like. Get goofy, if you want.

Research shows that images and words like this actually helps you stay focused and positive in your approach.

In other words: A vision board is a lightning rod for your emotions and mindset that you can return to again and again throughout the year.

Cheers to the boldest & fittest year yet!


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