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Finding true love (Self love!)

What does self love really mean and how to we get it for ourselves?

The love of your life has been with you the whole time, and you may not have properly gotten to know her yet! But if we're so "full of potential" then why is it so dang hard to actually love ourselves?

Let me clear some things up right off the bat. Self-love is NOT:

  1. Being head over heels for yourself each day

  2. Thinking you look gorgeous every second

  3. Only thinking about yourself when it comes to making choices

Love is a complicated emotion! But it boils down to this: Loving yourself means accepting who you are, where you are, and honoring [her] each and every day regardless if you feel the "warm fuzzies." It is not just emotion, its action.

What actions are you taking in your daily life to honor yourself? To treat yourself well even if you're not at your best? Here's one way to think about it: If you had the opportunity to meet the younger you, what would you say to her? I certainly hope you wouldn't point out all the character flaws and imperfections (like we tend to do when we look in the mirror), but instead notice the complexities and uniqueness and acknowledge those qualities.