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Breathing: The REAL foundation!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Most experienced athletes or fitness fanatics would be shocked, but it is true: proper breathing is the foundation for all movements! Don't believe me? Then keep reading...

A proper deep breathing pattern looks like this:

On the inhale:

  • The ribs move out like bucket handles

  • The belly and the chest rise

  • The pelvic floor relaxes

  • Back expands

On the exhale:

  • The TVA engages from pubic bone up to the ribs like a zipper (bottom to top)

  • The pelvic floor engages and rises

  • The ribs move back in (bucket handle motion)

An shallow breath pattern can include:

  • shoulders rising with inhale, decompressing with exhale

  • Ribs gripping on exhale

  • Pelvic floor pressure

  • Leaking, doming, bulging of core

  • Inability to talk while engaged