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Borrowing Belief

My mom nightmare came true: my daughter has been struggling at school. Something about that environment triggers her anxiety. Worst part, she's only in Kindergarten

My mom brain was reeling trying to find a solution. She would come home day after day pushing through tears saying, "I'm the smallest and slowest in my class."

What I realized is she needed something we all need: support and reassurance. I did what any mom would do: I created that comfort for her.

I bought a fancy sparkly scrunchie with cat ears on it for her to wear at school. She calls it her "superpowers".

Each day when she comes home, mommy "charges" it for her. I hold it to my heart, fill it with love and energy, and then tuck it away for the next school day.

It was like magic, suddenly she started feeling more empowered at school and less worried.

Sometimes when we can't see our strength, we fall prey to our anxiety and worry.

For my daughter, the scrunchie represents safety and strength that only I can help give her. Sometimes we need a "scrunchie" in our lives to help us believe in ourselves too.

It's okay to struggle with finding the power within yourself. Know that when you're struggling, I am holding space for you: belief in you, FOR you.

Borrow my belief. I know that you may not be able to see your potential on your own right now, but I know its there.

Growth is hard. New experiences are hard. Doing things we're not motivated to do is hard.

Here's 3 ways you can work towards building belief in yourself TODAY:

  1. Write down a list of your best qualities. If you're struggling to pull that out of yourself, ask a trusted friend what pieces of your personality shine the brightest

  2. Repeat small actions that align with your goals each and every day to build trust with yourself. Once you build trust, it is easy to believe in yourself. Whether that's starting the morning with a glass of water, or committing to taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, those small actions will add up

  3. Remember you are human, you will fail in the process when you are building belief. Write down a plan for when things don't go so smoothly. For example "If ___________ happens, then I will _____________." (E.g. If I don't workout in the morning, then I will take a walk on my lunch break)

I invite you to take this "scrunchie": my belief in you, and wear it until you feel it for yourself.


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