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Doors OPEN for the 21-Day Jumpstart!


The 21-Day Solution To Your Fitness Struggles Is HERE!
Image by Derick McKinney

This may shock you...

...But 95% of people who aren't getting some sort of coaching will fail within the first year.

And I'll bet you've experienced this firsthand. When was the last time you were able to maintain everything you set out to do in your fitness journey consistently? Especially after becoming a mom?

How many years in a row have you made the same "I'm going to get in shape" New Years' Resolution?

Mama, I know this is the very last time you'll be making that same resolution, because I have something HUGE for you.


> 📉 Imagine being able to lose 5-10lbs  while still being able to enjoy all the things you love.

> 🏋🏻 Imagine starting the New Year making ACTUAL progress on your 2023 health goals.

> 👠 Imagine feeling confident in that little black dress on Valentine's Day

> 🎊 Imagine ringing in the New Year already having committed to your health and having the tools to maintain your progress.

It's finally here...​

🚨BOLD & FIT MOTHERHOOD 21-Day Jumpstart🚨

And it won't last long.


I created this program for the mama who:

🏋🏻desperately wants to find the motivation to work on herself

📉lose 5-10lbs

💪🏼gain strength

⭐️support her core

👙and become more confident than ever!


I remember vividly what it was like as a new mom, feeling like my body didn't belong to me. But what I also remember is the feeling of reclaiming my sense of self through fitness.


What movement gave to me is something a supplement never could.


This is exactly why I created this challenge! This is a comprehensive no-fuss process to help you finally break out of the excuses, the stresses, and the obstacles so you can feel motivated, see results, and have the tools to keep going!


This program includes:

💜 21 days of recipes and meal ideas for you and the family

💜21 day workout plan (DR & Pelvic Floor safe)

💜Exclusive Digital Ebook

💜Live Group Coaching Sessions

💜Accountability Group Access

💜 1:1 wrap up call

⭐️BONUS: bonus plant-based recipe pack 


This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER now through 11:59pm PST December 31!

Save $50!!! 

Register NOW and kick off your health journey with me January 9th!

This 21-day jumpstart will never be available again at this price, so now is your chance to get a head start on your health goals!

It's your turn, Mama.

Limited time offer! Save $50 today! Flexible Payment Options available

Regularly $449
Your Price: $399

Kaylee W.

"I joined her personal coaching program and she helped me find the confidence in myself, helped push me on the days I made excuses, and in the end helped me become a better mom by showing my children that personal health and happiness is important too…even for moms . I ended up getting back to my pre baby weight!"

Helen M.

"[I love her] expert guidance; customized workouts, understanding of the struggles of mom life; ability to do variety of workouts at home with no equipment, and the encouragement from someone who understands, starting me out slowly instead of letting me get ahead of myself; personalized plan and frequent communication"

Jennifer D.

"She's been more than wonderful about helping me adjust and adjusting my workouts to fit my needs. I thought I knew what to do and how to make myself healthier- which I do- but Chloe- you really take that extra to guide me more than I thought I could."


FAQ: Everything you need to know

❓I struggle with nutrition and want to lose the weight but I'm worried about starting a diet during the holidays. How can I make this work?

First off, I am in full belief that you do NOT need to diet to lose weight! For those that like structure, I have created some helpful recipe packs complete with a grocery list and sample meal plan to give you an idea of how to easily structure your meals. Before we dive into macros and calories etc, it is essential to break habits first and reframe our relationship with food!


In this jumpstart, I will teach you the tools you need to eat more mindfully to support your health goals. You do not have to eat a rigid diet or count calories to see results! Using the tools I teach in this challenge, you will find a great balance in the foods you choose and empower you to make healthy choices in the future!


❓I REALLY want to do this but I don't have a gym membership or equipment. Do I need to join the gym?

Nope! The program is created to make it easy to take anywhere! You can most definitely do this at home without equipment, and if you need any swaps for movements, you can always ask. I'll be here to support you through the process which means realtime feedback too!


❓I just had a baby recently, is this safe for me to do postpartum?


If you're less than 6-8 weeks postpartum you should see your provider to be cleared for exercise. There will be plenty to learn including how to support your core through breathing, and you will be able to follow the guide at any time even long after the challenge too! So if you're eager to get some tools under your belt for when you are ready, this would be a great place to start!


❓How often will I have to work out? I don't want my fitness routine to monopolize my time


And it shouldn't! The workout schedule is flexible and has very easy-to-follow instructions for how to build out your workout schedule with options of 2 & 3 days of basic strength training each week.


I also give you guidance on how to make the most of your routine while spending LESS time in the gym, as well as ways to incorporate more active living into your lifestyle that the whole family will enjoy!


❓I'm afraid I won't stay motivated to finish the full challenge. Any tips?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: sometimes I don't feel motivated either! But the key is learning how to stop relying on it and create strategy around knowing your weak spots.


In this challenge we focus on creating consistency rather than relying on a fleeting feeling to get it done. The best part? Once you learn how to create consistency, that consistency turns into motivation over time! But in order to get there, you have to commit to giving your all and getting the ball rolling! This challenge will help you do exactly that!

And if life happens, you'll still have all the downloads and access to the tools minus the live coaching, so you can always work to pick up where you left off!


❓I literally don't know where to start with my health. I've tried countless diets and challenges and always seem to fail. What makes this different?


It can be incredibly disheartening to try something again after failing so many times. But failure is only failure if you give up entirely.


A diet is just a set of rules. Rules are rigid and inflexible and make it hard to stick to! Same with many programs- if you have the "what" but you're not shown the "how", it can be hard to follow through.


I will be checking in with every single participant to make sure you have the guidance and tools you need to succeed!

Got questions? Just ask!

Thanks for submitting!

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