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Chloe was absolutely amazing to work with.

As someone who was unmotivated and unhappy with her postpartum body, Chloe helped me realize that I was looking at it all wrong.

By changing my mindset I had a healthier look at everything and made small goals instead of one bigger goal. Such positivity and encouragement.

Shannon W.

I thought I would give her programming a try. I got more than I asked for.


Chloe is so sweet, compassionate, non-judgemental that I’m so thankful I decided to take the steps to seek her out.


She really helped me to find the balance I need. I’m moving so much, so often right now because of school so she's been more than wonderful about helping me adjust and adjusting my workouts to fit my needs.


I thought I knew what to do and how to make myself healthier- which I do- but Chloe- you really take that extra step to guide me more than I thought I could.

Jennifer D.

Where do I start? It has been an absolute pleasure working with Chloe.


Firstly she knows what she is doing. I saw the results from executing the plan she set up for me. She is flexible and accommodating. Her work ethic is amazing.


My review falls short describing just how excellent a trainer she is. She gets a 11 out of 10 from me.

Monica A.

Chloe is amazing! I honestly can’t say enough good things about training with her.


She’s extremely knowledgeable, attentive, hard working, and easy going. She really caters to your needs and abilities.


Chloe helped me gain muscle, lose weight, and build the confidence that I was lacking. It took me almost a year to contact Chloe and I’m so upset with myself that I waited so long.


These customized workouts have really changed the way I view exercise. I no longer see it as a chore but something enjoyable.

Alisa B

I absolutely love Chloe's honest and realistic approach to health and fitness.


I never felt judged by her and when I would judge myself, she is so great at providing gentle reminders to be kind to my mind, body, and soul.


I have had the please of working with Chloe for 3 months, her words of encouragement and positivity have helped me greatly.


If you are looking for a fellow mom who knows the mental and physical struggles of parenthood, Chloe is such a useful professional to have on your side!

Katie S.

I don't know if it's said enough but maybe I can say it loud enough so anyone in the back of the room can hear this:

If you want to do big things, you have to be willing to create big energy, big ideas, big commitment, big friendship and big support to do them. Period.


I was able to do alot on my own and still do, but, meeting Chloe really changed my outlook on what I can achieve.




Because she's made to do this work. She was put on earth to help us create actual change and I feel so grateful for knowing and having her in my life.

Just grateful for your BIG, BOLD, and beautiful friendship. THE work I'm doing NOW is because of your influence, encouragement and coaching. It's bigger than a before and after. And my future is brighter because of you! Xo

Lisa J.

Chloe, you’re just awesome.


You’re never judge mental or make me feel bad for having weeks I don’t do anything or feel lazy. You just boost up my spirits and just have a great way of motivating.


You always have the best little tricks and tips.


Honestly, without your continued support, non-judge mental attitude and just the best small ways to find motivation I don’t think I would be doing as good. Whenever I would have any concerns, you’re great at having some kind of advice to help me

Jenny D.

I joined Chloe's personal coaching and she helped me find the confidence in myself, helped push me on the days I made excuses, and in the end helped me become a better mom by showing my children that personal health and happiness is important too…even for moms.


I ended up getting back to my pre baby weight just in time for the pandemic to hit and for me to have a ‘pandemic baby’.


I’ve still incorporated a lot of what I learned from Chloe to get myself down from 230 to 202 after having my third child.

Kaylee W.

Chloe really helped be identify my biggest problems and gave me ways to work through them. That was really important to me because I just didn't know how to work on amending an issue after it was pointed out to me.


Also the one on one feedback was constructive and gave me things to think about. 
She gets to know you first. She makes sure she understands their background and what they struggle with the most.


With this information she starts suggesting solutions/ ideas to improve the thing you struggle with. She also suggests many solutions so that you can see ways to improve a problem through many different ways.


I always enjoy working with Chloe. No matter how's she's feeling she brings a fun but determined energy that keeps me motivated.


She's invested in her clients and takes the time to plan out the material. I feel like I improve each time I work with her even if it's just a little bit. Overall she's a great person to work with and learn from.

Alexis W.

I really learned a lot about myself in fitness and as an individual, what I need to work on and how I need to be confident. Chloe helped me by pushing me, believing in me and showing me my weakness and strengths.

Mauri L.

Chloe helped further my growth because she made me aware of things that I have not noticed on my own then gives me advice on how to better myself. Then holds me accountable to working on those things on my own time.


She helps me be a better version of me on a consistent basis. Whether that be giving me challenging work outs tailored around my weaknesses, or changing my mentality on self talk, and more.

Javontae B.

Chloe, I LOVE how easy to use this [program] was!

Tricia N.

[I love her] Expert guidance; customized workouts, understanding of the struggles of mom life; ability to do variety of workouts at home with no equipment, and the encouragement from someone who understands; starting me out slowly instead of letting me get ahead of myself; personalized plan and frequent communication

Helen M.

Chloe is really knowledgeable,  affordable, and the focus wasn’t on getting everyone’s body’s to fit a certain standard. It was to fix real issues that were personalized to the client.

Lola L.