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Celebrating progress is a key piece of success! Listen to these womens' stories and take a look at the type of progress happening every single day behind the scenes.

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These moms have quite a story to tell. Learn how women just like you overcame their fears, reclaimed their confidence, reached their health goals, and learned to find a healthy balance as they navigated their careers and parenthood.


She lost 5 lbs, but what she GAINED was the inner strength she never knew she had...


Today I want to tell you about my client Mona.


When Mona started with me, this mama of 3 was struggling with lack of support. She told me "I feel overwhelmed constantly and I don’t feel like I have the support system in place to adequately focus on my health and success."

👉So we dove into what building accountability looks like, building habits, time management, and mindset management.

🎉Within two weeks, she was already becoming more consistent! When I asked for her "win" for week 3, she said, "I had a great walk and I felt like my stamina and pace were so much better than in the past."


The thing is, my 3Ms system is designed to help teach you the "what" to do, but the "how to get it done."


As moms, we are so often expected to do it all, and sometimes the simple act of doing something for US feels hard.


🛠 What Mona learned, and what you will too, is how to apply what you're learning and create strategies to build your "toolbox" for success!


She started quickly building habits and a healthier lifestyle along the way.


💬 "I learned a lot about my own strength and motivation. I love all the tools that were presented to me and still help me to this day" she said.

And by the end of her 12 week program, she was expecting her 4th precious baby and had the tools she needed for a smoother postpartum experience this time around and a more empowered pregnancy! 🤰🏻

If your mindset and motivation feel like they're constantly getting in the way of reaching your postpartum health goals, I'm inviting you to join Mona and take a chance on yourself.


How my client Anna, mom of 2,  lost 13 lbs in 12 weeks despite major setbacks.


Let me paint a picture here: Anna, who had a broken right arm, is raising two kids and worked full time.


😞 Getting into a fitness routine just wasn't happening on her own. She had already tried all the trendy programs and apps and diets, and wasn't having success.


After her second baby, she had gained some weight as many of us do, and was lacking body confidence.


We dove head first and started her nutrition strategy using my 3Ms system. She was really on top of sending me photos of her meals so I could give her feedback to help her make adjustments and celebrate wins.


👉This ultimately taught her how to better portion her meals and balance her macros without having to measure or stick to a rigid meal plan.


And despite having a broken arm, we worked out a consistency strategy that boosted her weekly N.E.A.T (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) from 1 hr per week to 17 hrs per week!!!


So you can imagine my excitement when she messaged me:


"Good morning! I just want to share my excitement, I'm out of 270s, I wasn't able to get below 270, I know I still have long road ahead of me but this is very exciting for me."

It feels so good to hit milestones, doesn't it? Especially when you had to overcome big obstacles to get there.