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*This program will be UNAVAILABLE after September 15! New Programs coming soon

in 16 weeks I help busy and burnt out women transform their bodies and minds without giving up the things they love. 


Are you ready to change your life?

Here’s why it works: It works because it addresses all areas of necessary growth (movement, meals, mindset) in combination with REAL accountability and easy-to-use systems to help you retrain your habits in order to get LASTING results.

Here’s why it's differentMy “3 M’s system”  is tailored for busy women who have tried just about everything to reach their health goals. Unlike other programs that are “one-size-fits-all” in their workouts and meal plans, you get custom workouts and nutrition coaching made for your body,as well as a deep dive into mentality shifts to learn how to apply these principles to your daily life. I have decades of experience helping women apply and implement these strategies so the results last well beyond the length of the program.

Here’s what you should do: Book your free consultation at if you’ve been struggling with this for a while. Let’s see if it’s the right fit for you!

Here’s why you should do it now: I only accept 10 clients each month. Act fast if you're ready to FINALLY reach your health goals

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Anyone can follow a workout program, but the reason most people fail to stay accountable and consistent is because most programs won’t show you how to apply your knowledge into your everyday life. I use my decades of experience as a professional dancer and my unique fitness certifications to design tailor-made programs that are not only easy to follow, but also will help you create movement awareness & workout confidence. Cookie-cutter programs may be well designed, but won’t account for your needs. My plans will leave you feeling stronger, leaner, and more empowered to boldly advocate for your physical wellness for the future.


Learning how to eat well, and eat for your body, especially while juggling work and family can be a difficult task, but dialing in your food health is key to success. Most apps, diets, “food systems” (like WW), and trainers will slap together a meal plan which may seem convenient, but leaves you in the dark when it comes to eating beyond the designated plan. The reason people fail to find their flow with their food habits is because they aren’t given the proper tools and insight into their unique needs and how to address them. I help you discover your body’s needs through a unique nutrition coaching system that will not only help you better cook for your body, but teaches you how to prepare healthy foods the rest of your family will love too. I teach my Meals Mindset principles that will take the guesswork out of your greatest food struggles.


This is the biggest secret of all: the reason you haven’t reached your health goals yet is because nobody has shown you how to unlock your own mind. As women we tend to “nurture” others and completely neglect our own self-integrity when it comes time to focus on us. I have worked with hundreds of dancers, artists, and women to show them how to shape their mentality into one that allows them to succeed in EVERY aspect of their health journey. Time to learn how to Be BOLD. Be FIT.

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Hear What My Clients Have to Say

Are you ready to go from "surviving" to "thriving?" I help busy and burnt out women transform their bodies and minds without giving up the things they love! Let's see if we're a good fit. Click the button below to get started!

Chloe was absolutely amazing to work with. As someone who was unmotivated and unhappy with her postpartum body, Chloe helped me realize that I was looking at it all wrong. By changing my mindset I had a healthier look at everything and made small goals instead of one bigger goal. Such positivity and encouragement.

Shannon W.

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